How should the managers of drying equipment companies successfully delegate authority?

How should the managers of drying equipment companies successfully delegate authority?

Ten keys for entrepreneurs to successfully and effectively delegate power:
1. Don’t just ask "get it?"
Managers habitually ask employees "Do you understand?" and "Do you understand what I said?". In this case, many do not understand the details

Of employees will reflexively answer "know" and "understand", and they don't want to be looked down upon by their supervisors on the spot.
2. Clarify performance indicators and deadlines
Employees must understand what specific goals they must achieve under decentralization and within what time to complete them. Only when these are clear can they have basic
Direction of action. Decentralization is not just to leave things to employees, but also to let him understand what managers expect.

3. After decentralization, we must also timely hear about it
After decentralization, he can't ignore it and wait for him to bring the results up. You don’t need to keep an eye on people, but you still have to pay attention to the employees’ conditions and give
Give me some comments such as "It's good here" and "That might be better". If the task particularly requires "on time", you can also remind him to pay attention
Be aware of progress and time.

4. "Review" for the next delegation of authority
After each decentralization, the manager should ask the employee to discuss his performance this time in order to review and improve. Executives of tourism companies can also ask employees to describe
What I have learned in this process, and then cooperate with the situation that the manager has observed, as a reference for the next decentralization.

5. Decentralization does not have to be a major event
Even if it's just a trivial matter, it can be "delegation of power". It does not necessarily have to be a big plan or plan to be called decentralization.

 How should the managers of drying equipment companies successfully delegate authority?

. Especially for new employees, delegating power from small matters can train them to take a responsible attitude and build up their self-confidence.
Six: Make a list before delegating power
To put it simply, the supervisor can first list the things that he has to do every day, and then delete the "non-self" according to "irreplaceability" and "importance".

What is left is the “list of decentralized matters” that cannot be done by yourself. This will be more systematic and organized.
Seven, understand the limits of delegation
Some employees will make their own claims and do things beyond decentralization. Therefore, it’s best to confess the “lower limit” when delegating power. Once you touch
When they arrive, they should brake, which prevents them from crossing the line without authorization.

8. Find someone who intends to delegate power to you
If the person you designate has more experience but is not good at the task or has a low willingness, it may not be more experienced and willing to learn.
Suitable for those who want to try.

9. Schedule support measures
Inform employees who they can turn to when they have problems, and provide the tools or places they need. When the supervisor puts his job

When assigning to employees, be sure to also transfer the power. In addition, supervisors should let employees know that they can still seek advice and advice from supervisors in the future.

Ten, let go of the power in moderation
Instead of staring people urgently, it is better to explain clearly at the beginning, and then let the employees do it. In this way, managers can save some energy and employees

You can also try your abilities.