What are precision tooling?

What are precision tooling?

Precision tooling, that is, precision process equipment: refers to the general term for various tools used in the manufacturing process. Including tools/fixtures/molds/measuring tools/inspection tools/assistances/fitters tools/station appliances, etc. Tooling is its general abbreviation.

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The company has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, and has been recognized by many customers for its excellent quality.

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The company has been committed to the development, optimization and improvement of manufacturing technology, and has obtained ten patent certificates.

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The company has injection molding machines, CNC machining centers, precision CNC lathes, as well as gold-plated and silver-plated production lines.

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The company continues to improve in order to ensure the interests of customers and fully meet customer product needs.

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Founded in 2005, WinWay is a Hong Kong based enterprise, which is located in Changan Town, Dongguan City.

WinWay focuses on providing you with precision machining, precision tooling, etching lid, precision hardware, precision mechanical, metal injection, precision metal, CNC precision, Precision Plating, CNC parts, Optical Communication Parts and Precision Medical Parts, high-mix/small-volume and Low-mix/high-volume manufacturing services.

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Precision tooling function

Precision tooling are meant to boost precision or accuracy while machining products. The technology is used for manufacturing superior quality and highly accurate industrial automation equipment, automotive parts, medical implant accessories and consumer goods.

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For example, welding fixtures, inspection fixtures, assembly fixtures, machine tool fixtures, etc. Among them, machine tool fixtures are the most common, such as vices, chucks, indexing heads and rotary tables.

The classification of tooling fixtures, tooling is divided into special tooling, general tooling, standard tooling (similar to standard parts).

Three elements of tooling design: 1. Benchmark 2. Size 3. Clamping Benchmark: Design drawing benchmark and process processing benchmark. Tooling and fixture design is designed on the basis of design drawings. It can also be designed on process benchmark. Of course, the process benchmark is higher than the basic design requirements. Size: The design size of the fixture can not be designed according to the size of the drawing, which means: the size of the fixture design should be stricter than the size of the drawing, generally 1/3. Clamping: Do not destroy the positioning position of the workpiece during clamping and ensure that the shape and size of the product meet the requirements of the drawing. It can neither allow the workpiece to loosen and slip, nor make the restraint of the workpiece too large and produce a larger restraint stress.

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{keyword}. Mechanical processing can be divided into two categories according to the production batch: one is single-piece, multiple varieties, and small batches (referred to as small batch production); the other is small varieties and large batches (referred to as mass production).

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