Etched lid for lid sealing for sealing applications

Etched lid for lid sealing for sealing applications

While it is critical that semiconductor packages have a reliable hermetic cover to protect sensitive contents, some chips will not tolerate high temperatures during soldering. For those circumstances, a low temperature seam sealing process is necessary. WinWay offers its innovative etching lid, a solution for hermetic applications where the chips are unable to withstand solder reflow temperatures in an oven.

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The company has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, and has been recognized by many customers for its excellent quality.

Focus on R&D

The company has been committed to the development, optimization and improvement of manufacturing technology, and has obtained ten patent certificates.

Rich production line

The company has injection molding machines, CNC machining centers, precision CNC lathes, as well as gold-plated and silver-plated production lines.

Customer first

The company continues to improve in order to ensure the interests of customers and fully meet customer product needs.

The whole process of etching

Founded in 2005, WinWay is a Hong Kong based enterprise, which is located in Changan Town, Dongguan City.

WinWay focuses on providing you with precision machining, precision tooling, etching lid, precision hardware, precision mechanical, metal injection, precision metal, CNC precision, Precision Plating, CNC parts, Optical Communication Parts and Precision Medical Parts, high-mix/small-volume and Low-mix/high-volume manufacturing services.

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Etching use

(1) Deburring. After the stainless steel plate is punched or mechanically processed, there are burrs on the end surface or corners, which not only affects the appearance of the product, but also affects the use effect of the machine. If mechanical polishing or manual deburring is used, the work efficiency is low and the design cannot be satisfied. Fillet chamfering requires special chemical polishing or electrochemical polishing solution to corrode the burrs without damaging the surface finish, and even improve the surface finish. This is a combination of surface treatment and machining.

(2) Remove excess size. For example, the wire diameter of a stainless steel spring steel wire requires φ0.8~0.84, and the actual wire diameter is 0.9. How to make the finished product evenly change to φ0.8~0.84, how to effectively remove the burrs and heat treatment in the machining process The oxide film produced during the process? If you want to use mechanical polishing and clamp repair methods to remove burrs, oxide scales and uniformly remove 0.06~0.1mm on the circumference of the wire diameter. Not only the processing technology is poor, the efficiency is low, and the processing quality is also difficult to guarantee. The use of a special chemical polishing solution can simultaneously achieve the purpose of removing burrs and oxide scales and uniformly removing excess wire diameters. Another example is that for some sheet-shaped stainless steel parts, the size is larger, and the special solution of electrochemical polishing can also be used to appropriately reduce the thickness size to meet the product size requirements.

(3) Milling processing. The parts to be processed of the stainless steel material are exposed to the chemical milling fluid for milling processing, so as to obtain parts of a certain shape or size, and achieve the purpose of three-dimensional and decorative. With the use of screen printing, text, patterns and patterns can be chemically milled on the surface of stainless steel to a certain depth, and then filled with certain different colors, such as medals, signs, nameplates, etc.

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High precision, very good processing, good chamfering

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Etching technology is divided into wet etching and dry etching

Metal etched lid is mainly used for communication box shielding

Processing area: The processing area of stainless steel parts should be relatively fixed. The platform of the stainless steel processing area should be isolated with rubber pads. The stainless steel parts processing area should avoid damage and pollution to the stainless steel parts. Cutting: The cutting of stainless steel parts adopts shearing or plasma cutting, sawing and so on. Machining: The stainless steel parts should also be protected during machining such as turning and milling, and the oil stains, iron filings and other sundries on the surface of the workpiece should be cleaned when the work is completed. Forming and adding workmanship: Effective measures should be taken to avoid scratches and creases on the surface of stainless steel parts during the process of rolling and bending of the head.

Stainless steel 403, 201, 304, 316, 316L, copper and other materials.

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{keyword}.To obtain a pattern product with clear stripes and strong decorativeness, the front, middle and back processes of the etching process need to be strictly controlled.

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{keyword}.The metal etching process is widely used in the production of advertising signs, circuit board circuits, high-end nameplates, elevator boards, door panels, stainless steel ceilings, door handles, railings, handrails, watch cases and other products.

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