What is metal injection molding

What is metal injection molding

Metal injection molding (MIM for short) is a new type of powder metallurgy near-net forming technology derived from the plastic injection molding industry. As we all know, plastic injection molding technology produces various products with complex shapes at a low price, but the strength of plastic products is not high. In order to improve its performance, metal or ceramic powder can be added to the plastic to obtain products with higher strength and good wear resistance. In recent years, this idea has evolved to maximize the content of solid particles and completely remove the binder and densify the compact in the subsequent sintering process. This new powder metallurgy forming method is called metal injection molding.

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Application of metal injection molding in the automobile industry

MIM parts used in automobiles are generally iron-based materials, such as engine rocker arms, shift levers, turbocharger blades, sensors, etc.

Application of metal injection molding in the automobile industry

Application of metal injection molding in medicine and dentistry

Metal injection molding is widely used in orthodontic bracket parts, surgical instruments, implantable MIM parts, knee implant parts, etc.

Application of metal injection molding in medicine and dentistry

Application of metal injection molding in IT, electronic instruments and communications

The application of MIM injection molding technology in digital electronics is mostly mobile phones and laptops, such as mobile phone metal trays, volume buttons, mobile phone interfaces, camera frames, hinges, precision parts for lifting cameras, and precision dual-camera and triple-camera cameras. Parts, laptop shafts, gears, etc.

Application of metal injection molding in IT, electronic instruments and communications

Metal injection powder and milling technology

MIM has higher requirements for raw material powder. The choice of powder should be conducive to mixing, injection molding, debinding and sintering, which are often contradictory. The research on MIM raw material powder includes: powder shape, particle size and particle size composition, specific surface Etc., Table 1 lists the properties of the raw material powder most suitable for MIM.
Due to the very fine requirements of MIM raw material powder, the price of MIM raw material powder is generally higher, and some even reach 10 times the price of traditional PM powder. This is a key factor limiting the wide application of MIM technology. The main method of producing MIM raw material powder is carbonyl. Method, ultra-high pressure water atomization method, high pressure gas atomization method, etc.

Metal injection powder and milling technology
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MIM parts are often used as-sintered, but machining, heat treating, plating and other processes can be applied to the sintered part. Parts that distort during sintering can be coined or otherwise straightened afterward. In special applications where 100 percent density is required, a hot isostatic pressing (HIP) process is used. Debinding furnace.

Iron-based, low-alloy, high-speed steel, stainless steel, gram valve alloy, cemented carbide, etc. are all suitable for MIM forming.

The basic process of metal injection molding (MIM) is: First, the solid powder is uniformly mixed with the organic binder, and after granulation, it is injected into the mold cavity with an injection molding machine under heating and plasticizing state (~150℃) to solidify and shape. Then use chemical or thermal decomposition to remove the binder in the molding. Finally, the final product is obtained by sintering and densification.

Metal injection molding technology is very good for making some ‎precision, ‎complex, ‎small metal parts,

Generally suitable for the MIM process of metal parts are: 1. Complexity; 2. Precision (the reference design of MIM net molding accuracy is usually ± 0.5% of the size); 3. Weight and size (MIM is especially suitable for parts weighing less than 100 grams, and less than 50 grams is the most economical application); 4. Thinning (wall thickness less than 6 mm is the most suitable for MIM)

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