Definition of precision metal

Definition of precision metal

Precision metal specifically refers to the hardware processing category that requires high precision in the hardware industry. "Precision" generally refers to the tolerance requirement within 0.05mm, including precision plastic hardware, precision stamping hardware, precision turning hardware, etc., which are commonly used in electronics, clocks, watches, etc. Aviation and other industries.

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Recognized by multiple parties

The company has passed ISO9001:2015 certification, and has been recognized by many customers for its excellent quality.

Focus on R&D

The company has been committed to the development, optimization and improvement of manufacturing technology, and has obtained ten patent certificates.

Rich production line

The company has injection molding machines, CNC machining centers, precision CNC lathes, as well as gold-plated and silver-plated production lines.

Customer first

The company continues to improve in order to ensure the interests of customers and fully meet customer product needs.

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Founded in 2005, WinWay is a Hong Kong based enterprise, which is located in Changan Town, Dongguan City.

WinWay focuses on providing you with precision machining, precision tooling, etching lid, precision hardware, precision mechanical, metal injection, precision metal, CNC precision, Precision Plating, CNC parts, Optical Communication Parts and Precision Medical Parts, high-mix/small-volume and Low-mix/high-volume manufacturing services.

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Metal precision parts processing

Metal precision parts processing refers to the collective name of various specifications and shapes of metal blocks, metal rods, metal tubes, etc., made of metal materials

Metal precision parts processing

Automotive precision metal stamping parts

Automotive precision metal stamping parts are rich in products and complex in shape. Generally speaking, precision metal stamping can produce small auto parts with smaller dimensions and complex shapes. However, in stamping production, some undesirable phenomena may occur.

Automotive precision metal stamping parts

What does precision metal do

Provide precision stamping dies, precision metal stamping products and lathe-processed rivets and shaft parts for the optical communication equipment industry, the lithium battery equipment industry, the laser equipment industry, the automation equipment industry, the medical industry, and the auto parts industry.

What does precision metal do

Metal precision drawing, precision drawing parts, precision stamping

Precision drawing forming. We are good at drawing difficult precision parts such as round and complex geometric figures. The thickness of the drawn material is between 0.12~2.0mm. . Precision metal stamping. We are committed to meeting the special requirements of customers, such as high-demand flatness shearing surface, non-marking knife joints for special parts, complex forming bending, etc.

Metal precision drawing, precision drawing parts, precision stamping
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In the world of metal machining, people are often looking for what they call precision metals. The precision of a metal's dimensions. The precision of its composition. The precision of the metal's performance.

Significantly, precision sheet metal fabrication describes any type of metal that be stretched out and manipulated into a metal sheet and then assembled into a product.

WinWay Tech Provides Value Added Metal Working and Assembly that can scale to fit your demand. Precision Metal Manufacturing is focused on being the leader in innovation, technology, and customer specific solutions.

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