precision hardware | Machining process

precision hardware | Machining process

For precision hardware, processing is very strict. I don’t think so. The precision of the parts also represents one of the foundations of the competitiveness of the enterprise. The workpiece processing requirements in the precision machining generally use the form of CNC to perform precision machining on the precision hardware.

When performing precision machining, the mechanical processing plant not only meets the customer's workpiece processing technical requirements, but also has the required performance, and should pay attention to the improvement of production efficiency and worker efficiency, so that it can provide customers with more economical and long-term effective services.

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The company has injection molding machines, CNC machining centers, precision CNC lathes, as well as gold-plated and silver-plated production lines.

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Founded in 2005, WinWay is a Hong Kong based enterprise, which is located in Changan Town, Dongguan City.

WinWay focuses on providing you with precision machining, precision tooling, etching lid, precision hardware, precision mechanical, metal injection, precision metal, CNC precision, Precision Plating, CNC parts, Optical Communication Parts and Precision Medical Parts, high-mix/small-volume and Low-mix/high-volume manufacturing services.

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Precision hardware processing requires accurate design drawings

Precision hardware processing is the processing of some small diameter hardware parts, so the design drawings of this product must be accurate, and the parts are very different. If the drawings are not accurate, it may cause the parts to be produced. Can not be used, thereby increasing production costs.

Precision hardware processing requires accurate design drawings

Factors affecting the accuracy of precision hardware processing

First of all, CNC programming should determine the origin of the programming, whether the origin selection is appropriate, affects the precision of precision hardware processing, and can avoid processing errors caused by size conversion. Secondly, the operator needs to do a good job of data processing in the programming system, and its reasonable degree affects the accuracy of the contour trajectory of the precision parts. In addition, it is necessary to do a good job of programming node calculations in this link, and then choose the correct processing route. Finally, the operator must choose the appropriate interpolation method, and then reduce the machine tool will appear dislocation and movement when the number is correct, which will affect the precision of precision metal processing.

Factors affecting the accuracy of precision hardware processing

Advantages of precision hardware processing

The advantages of precision hardware processing in industrial production involve materials, processes, costs, and quantities used.
And so on, there are many parts that cannot be mass-produced by machines, so some parts need to be passed.
Special processes are used to process small-scale or small precision parts, and manual processing may also be involved in the middle.

Advantages of precision hardware processing

Automatic detection of precision hardware processing

The processing of precision mechanical parts adopts automatic detection and monitoring devices, which are all conducive to improving the output and stability of the product. Flexible automated production can quickly adapt to product changes. Therefore, the impact of precision machining technology on industrial production is actually very large, but the initial investment in precision mechanical parts processing technology will be relatively high.

Automatic detection of precision hardware processing
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In the processing of non-standard equipment parts, common problems such as accelerated tool wear, poor processing appearance, and difficulty in chip removal will occur. This has seriously affected the quality, production cycle and processing cost of precision parts of such materials.

1) First of all, before starting precision machining, we must choose a suitable CNC machine tool and write several economic and profitable plans for the machining process. 2) Then formulate a suitable CNC/mechanical processing plan for precision parts, analyze the drawings of the parts to be processed, perform parts on the processing content of the parts and adopt appropriate processing techniques. 3) Secondly, the choice of material hardness. For some occasions, the higher the hardness of the material, the better, but it is limited to the hardness requirements of the machined parts. The material is moderately soft and hard, at least a grade lower than the hardness of the machine parts. The basic one is that you must pay attention to the density of the material before processing. 4) Next, in the processing of high-precision parts, it is important to write and design the process flow. Because of the process steps of the part processing, the selection of benchmarks, the selection of processing tools, the selection and installation of fixtures, and the processing strategies and process parameters are determined. Affect the quality of the product. 5) Finally, in the process of high-precision parts processing, we must also pay attention to the full inspection of product quality before arranging shipments. If it does not meet the drawings, the secondary processing will meet the dimensions, accuracy, tolerances, technical parameters and other requirements of the drawings.

The processing of non-standard equipment parts requires super-lubricated processing appearance and high processing accuracy, which requires the knife to have a high standard life. Whether the tool is worn or not will be based on whether the processing surface quality is reduced or not. The standard life of diamond tools is very high, and the tool wear is very slow during high-speed cutting. Therefore, the cutting speed is not restricted by the tool life during ultra-precision cutting, which is different from the general cutting rules.

The selection of processing parameters of non-standard equipment parts mainly includes the selection of cutting tool viewpoint, the selection of cutting speed, the selection of cutting depth and feed speed, etc. From past experience, we know that if you choose a larger rake angle when processing plastic materials The tool can effectively inhibit the formation of built-up edge. This is when the rake angle of the tool increases, the cutting force decreases, the cutting deformation is small, and the contact length between the tool and the chip becomes shorter, which reduces the basis for the formation of built-up edge.

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