precision plating|Conditions that stamping oil should meet?
01 Jan

precision plating|Conditions that stamping oil should meet?

Everyone knows that stamping oil needs to be used in metal stamping processing, and the choice of stamping oil is also very important, which is related to the processing technology, the quality of metal stamping parts, the service life of the stamping die, and the production efficiency. So what conditions should stamping oil meet? Let's take a look.
1. High flash point to ensure the safety/safety of oil use.
2. Mild smell to reduce pollution to the production environment.
3. Good cooling ability to take away the heat generated during processing, especially in high-speed processing technology. The cooling requirements of stamping processing should be met in terms of volatility and lubricity, that is, choosing a base oil with a suitable viscosity and selecting a formula with good lubricity.
The above 3 points are the conditions that stamping oil needs to meet. It is removed by natural volatilization or heating without leaving stains on the surface of the stamping parts, that is, it has good volatility and detergency, can save the subsequent solvent cleaning process, no waste liquid discharge, and reduce environmental pollution. Friendliness.